Fact No. 253. (Published on 9/26/2005)

SOFA Chicago 2005

The bi-annual SOFA expo is one of the premier art exhibitions. Artists are able to exhibit their work at SOFA only if is brought by one of the exhibiting galleries.

Among the galleries exhibiting at this year's Chicago SOFA are (as usual) several that specialize in glass art – including the Bullseye Connection Gallery, Glass Artists' Gallery, Habatat Galleries, Heller Gallery, Holsten Galleries, Leo Kaplan Modern Marx-Saunders Gallery, Ltd., and the Maurine Littleton Gallery.

The long list of speakers includes Pilchuck teacher and trustee Fritz Dreisbach, CMOG curator Tina Oldknow and glass artists Stephen Powell and Flo Perkins.

The Twelfth Annual International Exposition of Sculpture Objects & Functional Art (SOFA) will be held in the Navy Pier in Chicago from October 28 - 30.

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