Fact No. 252. (Published on 9/25/2005)

Glass Jokes

Did you hear about the glass blower who accidentally inhaled? He ended up with a pane in his stomach!

I heard that joke when taking a beer bottle to the recycling center. They wouldn't take it. They insisted it was the pint of no return.

That isn't so bad compared to the guy who fell into a vat of molten optical glass after drinking too much. Just two glasses, and look what a spectacle he made of himself.

I'm pretty sure that was the same guy who once gave me some great advice. He told me, "he who lives in a glass house... should change his clothes in the basement".

Finally, that reminds me that I wanted to leave you with some advice too. You know the difference between a glass artist and a mutual fund, right? Eventually a mutual fund matures and makes money.


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