Fact No. 181. (Published on 7/16/2005)

Jane Bruce

"Jane has an MA from the Royal College of Art, London and has also undertaken postgraduate level study at the New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred. Jane has received a number of prizes and awards including two fellowships at the Creative Glass Centre America. Her work is held in international collections in Australia, the United States and Europe, including London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, the Corning Museum of Glass in new York and the Parliament House Collection, Canberra, Australia.

"Jane’s current work, Lidded Vessels (Series I–V), revisits a fascination with, and exploration of the vessel, its history, function and decoration. The forms are layered and closed, or ‘lidded’. Visual access to the interior is allowed by way of deep cuts in the surface of the form, while physical access is only possible through a small, carefully cut opening, engaging a dialogue between vessel and body."

The above provided by the the Australian National University School of Arts where Bruce is a lecturer. Additionally, Bruce is also Artistic and Technical Director for Northlands Creative Glass.

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