Fact No. 182. (Published on 7/17/2005)

Light Opera Gallery

Light Opera Gallery is located in San Francisco -- but you won't have to go there to see the extensive collection of wonderful glass. Hundreds of pieces are online and looking around is a blast.

Light Opera Gallery offers broad selection of (relatively) affordable art. Most (but not all) of what's offered is priced below $1,000. Work includes vessels, paper weights, and an extensive collection of optical sculptures. Their kaleidescope gallery has as good as selection as any I've seen anywhere.

Other galleries could learn a lot from Light Opera's website. There are a lot of ways to browse. If you don't know where to start, try going to the "Artists" page and slowly moving your cursor over the almost 150 artists represented. Doing so will preview an object from each artist. Like what you see? Click on the name to see more.

In addition to the link to the gallery below, I've include some links to some of my personal favorites on Light Opera's site.

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