Fact No. 29. (Published on 1/29/2005)

Klaus Moje

No discussion of contemporary kiln-formed glass is complete without including artist Klaus Moje.

Born in Hamburg, Germany, he was trained as a glass cutter and grinder at age 16. He earned his Journeyman's Certificate at 19 and in the years that followed continued to pursue his own unique relationship with glass.

His career has brought him around the world, lecturing to the Glass Art Society in Japan, at Pilchuck in Seattle, at UrbanGlass and Corning in New York, and many other locations.

In 1982 Klaus Moje became the founding Head of Glass Workshop at the Canberra School of Art in Australia.

In 2004 he was honored with the Lifetime Achievement from UrbanGlass.

Moje's work does not focus on shape -- most of his work is flat, cylindrical or the shallow, wide rimmed bowls that have become a signature form for him.

But fused glass by Moje is less about form than it is about color, pattern and texture. His style is distinct and his work is vibrant and energetic.

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