Fact No. 23. (Published on 1/23/2005)


Founded in 1977 and located in New York City, UrbanGlass is a not-for-profit international center for the creation and appreciation of new art made from glass. The facility of UrbanGlass serves as the primary studio of over 350 artists each year. UrbanGlass also publish the quarterly magazine GLASS quarterly.

UrbanGlass offers a comprehensive education program of classes, workshops and intensives at every skill level - from novice to professional - in a wide variety of glassworking techniques, including glassblowing, hot casting, kiln casting, lampworking, fusing, slumping, neon, mosaics, stained glass and coldworking.

Artists associated with UrbanGlass -- either as students, instructors, or both -- include almost every well known contemporary glass artist.

Portions of the above text taken from the UrbanGlass website.

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