Fact No. 99. (Published on 4/18/2005)

Glass Notes

There are two Glass Notes -- the website (www.glassnotes.com) and the book: Glass Notes: A Reference for the Glass Artist. Both are the work of Henry Halem.

If any one book deserves the title glass studio "bible" it is probably Glass Notes.

Topics include the multiple chapters on annealing, various casting-related topics, enamels and lusters, electroforming, building your own hot shop equipment, and much more.

The Glass Notes website offers just a taste of what you'll find in the book. There is some of the annealing information -- including instructions on how to determine the annealing temperature of an unknown glass. You can also learn the truth about claims that glass flows at room temperature. There's more on the site, including color photos of some of Halem's work.

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