Fact No. 67. (Published on 3/17/2005)

Henry Halem

Henry Halem (b. 1938) was one of the early pioneers in the art glass movement in the U.S.

He started the glass program at Kent State University in 1969 and retired from teaching in 1998. He helped found the Glass Art Society and was its first president. His work is found in major collections and museums.

In 1996 he wrote and published his book Glass Notes which has become a must read text book for many studio artists and students of glass. He is now hard at work writing a new edition of his book which he hopes to have available later this year.

In 2002 he along with his business partner Mark Jessen founded EZtherm, LLC, a company that builds and markets Moly electric glass furnaces. As busy as Halem is he still continues to make art and, when the weather permits, shoots a pretty mediocre round of golf.

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