Fact No. 22. (Published on 1/22/2005)

Jeremy Lepisto

Jeremy Lepisto was born in 1974 in Virginia and is a leading voice in today's kiln-formed glass movement.

Lepisto has a BFA with Honors from Alfred University (NY). He has worked for a number of glass and glass related companies, including Bullseye Glass where he was the Lead Technician for Research and Education as well as lead furnace builder.

He has taught worldwide and has held Visiting Instructor posts in both the Rochester Institute of Technology (NY) and the Canberra School of Art (Australia). His work is available from several of the finer glass art galleries, including the Bullseye Connection Gallery and the William Traver Gallery. He is a featured artist in the current issue of American Craft magazine.

Much of his work, including his current Tower Series, sets the delicacy of fine, pen-like illustrations against both the weight and elegance of glass. The result is work that is simultaneously familliar and captivating.

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