Fact No. 175. (Published on 7/10/2005)

Waterford Crystal Triva

We've all heard of Waterford Crystal (research continually shows it as one of the most recognized brands worldwide). But here are some things you might not know:

  • The original Waterford Crystal that was founded in 1783 eventually went out of business. The Waterford Crystal that exists today was started in 1947.
  • Although Waterford offers well over 200 different patterns, Lismore has been the top seller since it's introduction 50 years ago.
  • Waterford also makes bed linens.
  • Many of the company's senior artists/engravers are local talent who grew up in or near Waterford -- often begriming their careers at Waterford as teenagers.
  • Waterford never discontinues a stemware pattern.
  • If you break your Waterford stemware the company will sell you a replacement for half the current retail price.
  • The New Year's ball that drops in Times Square every year is made 504 Waterford panels. Every year 72 are replaced with new themes.
  • Waterford's logo is a seahorse. The origin is the Waterford coat of arms in which there are a seahorse and a lion.

Lastly, the real name of the company is Waterford Wedgewood Ltd. The two companies merged in 1986.

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