Fact No. 159. (Published on 6/20/2005)

Steuben Glass

Steuben Glass Works was founded in 1903 through a partnership of Thomas Hawkes and Frederick Carder. At the time, Hawkes owned a glass engraving company and Carder was producing colorful, art nouveau glass.

Corning Glass bought Steuben Glass Works in 1918. Under the management of Carder, Steuben became a division of Corning. A major research breakthrough by Corning in 1932 produces an exceptionally brilliant glass ("10M") that is to become the signature material of Steuben glass art. Within a year (and continuing through today), Steuben is producing work exclusively in 10M clear, transparent glass.

In the decades that followed, regard for Steuben glass grew. Today it is highly valued among those who appreciate fine glass.

(Steuben trivia: Steuben Glass Works was named after Steuben County, which was named after Baron von Steuben an American Revolutionary war hero who served under George Washington at Value Forge.)

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