Fact No. 35. (Published on 2/4/2005)

Stanislav Libenský and Jaraslava Brychtová

LibenskyWhen I first looked at photographs of glass sculpture by the husband and wife team of Stanislav Libenský and Jaraslava Brychtová I didn't "get" it. Then I saw Red Pyramid at the Corning Museum of Glass.

I believe you need to share the air with this work to appreciate it, to fall under it's spell. Photographs cannot convey the impact. While that's true to varying degrees for almost all art it is especially true in this case.

BrychtovaWhile Libenský/Brychtová cast only one color glass for a given sculpture, the results are rarely if ever monotone. Their work could only have been executed in glass because the focus is below the surface. The form that matters most is always on this inside. Working with shape, thickness and depth they created art that reigns in light and delivers an experience rich with emotion.

Libenský was born in Czechoslovakia in 1921 and first studied glassmaking at the age of 16. He died in 2002. Brychtová lives in the Czech Republic.

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