Fact No. 170. (Published on 7/5/2005)

The Sandwich Glass Museum

Don't judge the Sandwich Glass Museum by it's website. Perhaps the people running the museum are so enamored with the 1800's that they just don't have time to focus the internet.

That's okay, because this gem on Cape Cod -- while certainly no Corning Museum of Glass -- has a lot to offer. There are live glass blowing and pressing demonstrations, a small but well done exhibit on how glass is colored, and a multimedia presentation on the history of New England glass production.

Did you know, for example, that Sandwich glass was founded on Cape Cod because of the availability of pine trees for the furnaces? The sand was imported from the Berkshires. It turns out that Cape Cod sand has too much iron. Berkshire's sand is almost pure silica.

You'll also see a great collection of paperweights and pressed glass. Lastly, the museum hosts travelling exhibits as well -- including an excellent Josh Simpson exhibit through the end of 2005.

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