Fact No. 130. (Published on 5/19/2005)

Josh Simpson

Josh SimpsonOn his website, Josh Simpson writes "Thirty years ago, I started out focusing on making goblets because to me they represented the ultimate challenge for a glass artist. I spent seventeen years seeking the perfect goblet."

If seventeen years in pursuit of a perfect goblet seems extreme, consider that the same man built his first glass studio in 1972, lived in a teepee and traded glass for dried chickpeas.

In the more than 30 years that have passed since then, Simpson -- who is largely self taught -- helped found the Craft Emergency Relief Fund, was elected president of the Glass Art Society (GAS), gained world-wide recognition as an artist and saw his work find its way into the collections of the Corning Museum, the Smithsonian and countless others.

Editor's Note: Make sure to read the "Timeline" on his website. It is both entertaining and inspiring.

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