Fact No. 270. (Published on 10/15/2005)

The Bullseye Connection Gallery

From their website:

An extension of the Bullseye Glass Co., the Bullseye Connection Gallery continues a tradition begun by the factory founders: working with artists to enhance the creative potential of glass. For over 25 years Bullseye has collaborated with both masters and emerging artists to sharpen the leading edge of contemporary glass.

The gallery hosts 8-10 exhibitions annually while the factory studios accommodate a lesser number of artist projects each year. Many of the projects are extensively documented in color catalogs. Whenever possible, clients are invited behind the scenes to witness the makingólinking the artist, factory/studio, gallery and collector in the dynamic chain that characterizes the energy of contemporary studio glass.

Bullseye Connection Gallery remains one of my favorite online destinations for inspiration. They continue to impress with their ability to keep their glass manufacturing roots from over-influencing their choices of work to represent. The Bullseye Connection Gallery is about art first and glass second.

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