Fact No. 177. (Published on 7/12/2005)

Martin Kremer

Joseph's Coat by Martin Kremer

Marty Kremer is a leading figure in contemporary kiln-formed glass. He started working with glass over 25 years ago and he has received wide recognition for his work including winning the prestigious 2003 NICHE Award for Fused Glass. His work is featured in a number of magazines and books. Lino Tagliapietra and Klaus Moje are two artists Kremer credits as inspirations.

In his artist statement Kremer says:

"My work is influenced by texture and pattern from many sources including Native American fabrics, Italian masonry, classic quilts, and wood marquetry. The richly textured and deeply colored glass vessels that result highlight the magical interplay of glass and light and are variously opaque or luminescent, playful or formal, spontaneous or intricately structured."

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