Fact No. 282. (Published on 10/25/2005)

Janet Kelman

Janet Kelman began her love affair with glass in 1970. Since then, she has explored lampworked, blown, sandblasted, fused, and slumped glass. She has made paperweights, bowls, plates, perfume bottles, furniture, jewelry, sculpture, mosaics, and architectural installations....

Presently, she runs a thriving business that provides decorative sandblasted doors, windows, screens, and mirrors for residential and commercial locations. Her work graces the homes of clients all over the Detroit metropolitan area. During the 1990’s, Janet began exploring glass that is fused and then slumped in a kiln. She created bowls and plates before turning to more sculptural forms...

Janet’s current series, “Seafans,” carries the theme further. The Seafans are carved out of handspun glass rondels and then slumped four, five, or six times to achieve their shape. They reflect the undulating forms and spectacular colors of plants and animals living on coral reefs.

- Adapted from Janet Kelman's biography at her website

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