Fact No. 204. (Published on 8/8/2005)

Boyce Lundstrom

One of the three original partners who founded Bullseye Glass in 1974, Boyce Lundstrom is known to many kiln-glass artists as the co-author (along with fellow Bullseye partner Daniel Schwoerer) of the landmark Kiln Firing Glass: Glass Fusing Book One and the author of Advanced Fusing Techniques (Glass Fusing, Book 2) and Glass Casting and Moldmaking (Glass Fusing, Book 3).

According to his website, "Boyce Lundstrom has been teaching glass fusing to artists and crafts-people since the early 1980's. The majority of his glass fusing teaching career was spent at Camp Colton. Currently he is on hiatus from teaching, to pursue his interests in industry, marbles, tile, pottery, and enjoying life."

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