Fact No. 57. (Published on 2/26/2005)

Washington National Cathedral

There are 215 stained glass windows in the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, DC. Most famous among them are the three rose windows and the "Space Window".

The three spectacular rose windows - the Creation (west), the Last Judgement (north), and the Church Triumphant (south) where completed between 1933 and 1976. The largest of the three, the north rose, is 26 feet (8 meters) in diameter. The most complex, the west rose, includes over 10,500 pieces of glass.

The "Space Window", which commemorates Americas exploration of space, reflects the age-old tradition among cathedral designers to include contemporary themes into the cathedral artwork. (Observant visitors armed with binoculars can see Darth Vader among the Cathedral's 110 gargoyles). The window, for which the official name is Scientists and Technicians Window, includes a real moon rock in the center of the red swirl design in the top half of the window.

Construction on the Washington National Cathedral began in 1907 and was completed in 1990.

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