Fact No. 110. (Published on 4/29/2005)

Kirstie Rea

Kirstie ReaKirstie Rea was born in Tamworth, Australia. Her glass education stretches from the Canberra School of Art (where she majored in glass) to Pilchuck Glass School in the US. Most recently her work was exhibited along side the works of Giles Bettison, Rafael Cauduro, Scott Chaseling, Klaus Moje and Narcissus Quagliata -- among others -- at Wesleyan University's Kiln-glass exhibit. Ms. Rea currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Glass Art Society (GAS)

Rea's kiln-glass work is elegant and confident. The simple lines and uncomplicated palette evoke the Australian countryside - the constant inspiration for much of her work:

“I once read ‘space combined with memory defines place'. My works are about places whether they exist in memory or the imagination. Focus shifts from the open space and the broadness of the landscape to the detail of the near and the feel of the far. A selection of works reference objects found in the landscape such as the line of the plough or pitchfork and it's connection to the landscape. Each piece becomes a site and reflects on a special place”. - Kirstie Rea

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