Fact No. 101. (Published on 4/20/2005)

Lino Tagliapietra

Lino TagliapietraOne of the most celebrated living glass artists, Lino Tagliapietra's relationship with glass goes back to his birth in 1934. Tagliapietra was born on the island of Murano.

He was apprenticed at age 12 and at the age of 21 earned the rank of maestro. He has taught at virtually every important glass school world-wide -- including Pilchuck, Rhode Island School of Design, the Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass, UrbanGlass, Toyama Art School, and the University of Sydney. His work appears in countless museums and collections.

Susanne K. Frantz (past curator of 20th-century glass at The Corning Museum of Glass) had this to say about Tagliapietra: "His vessels and sculptures, which often incorporate filigree decoration, are on a technical level equal to the finest achievements of historic Venetian glassmaking."

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