Fact No. 12. (Published on 1/12/2005)

Uranium Glass

Uranium Glass: Glass colored with uranium oxide -- usually green, yellow or amber depending on what additional ingredients are included in the batch. Uranium glass is unique in that it is mildly radioactive and will fluoresce (glow) under an ultraviolet light, such as a black light.

Sometimes also referred to as fluorescent or Vaseline glass. The 1830 invention of uranium glass is most often attributed to Josef Reidel, a Bohemian glassmaker. Popularity of uranium glass peaked early in the 20th century (it is most common among Depression Glass) and was banned in the U.S. and U.K. between 1940 and 1950 due to war-related concerns.

Few glass makers use uranium in glass today -- colors uranium produced under normal lighting are achievable using less expensive ingredients. Uranium glass Moretti/Effetre for flameworkers is available from many suppliers.

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