Fact No. 299. (Published on 11/12/2005)

Glass Powder

Crushed glass is called frit – and when it is finely crushed to a grit size of table salt (or finer), it is commonly referred to as glass powder.

For the lampworker or glass blower, glass powders can be applied onto the molten glass.

For the kiln-glass artist, the uses for glass powders are limitless. Powders can be sifted onto sheet glass (often with stencils), cast in pate de verre, used for powder wafers and in liquid stringer, and much more.

Different colored glass powders can be mixed to create new colors (though some glass combinations are reactive and typically yield only muddy browns).

On technique starts by covering larger frit (clear works well) lightly with a sticky medium. This can be done by putting the frit into a sandwich bag, spraying into the bag with hair spray and shaking. Glass powder is then added and the mix is shaken again – coating the frit with powder. When this mix is fused the result is a unique piece of glass with exceptional depth.

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