Fact No. 216. (Published on 8/20/2005)

The Glass Gallery

More than an decade ago, long before the idea of being a glass artist ever entered my mind, I frequently passed by a particular glass art gallery on my walk to lunch. I only now appreciate the seeds that were planted as I pressed my face up to the window and tried to contemplate how anyone could actually create something out of glass.

Today, the Glass Gallery still offers Washington DC area residents some of the best of what is available in glass art. Represented artists include many recognizable names like Mark Abildgaard, Linda Ethier, Richard LaLonde and Cappy Thompson. The gallery also stretches beyond established artists to up and comers like Amy Schleif-Mohr and Kevin O'Toole.

The Glass Gallery is located in Bethesda, Maryland. Directions, hours of operation and many images of work are available on their website (link below).

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