Fact No. 116. (Published on 5/5/2005)

Contemporary Glass Enameling (book)

Contemporary Glass Enameling: Fusing with Powders, Paints, and Frit, released in March, is somewhat oddly named given the content. For example, it includes many techniques (e.g. pate de verre) which don't really qualify as "enameling". But title aside, Kay Bain Weiner covers lot of ground with the book. And though few techniques are covered in depth, the topics and photos are sure to get creative juices flowing.

The book is 169 pages and has over 200 color photos. Other topics covered include wet and dry enamels, paints, brushes, tools and more. Artists with work displayed in the book include Robert Leatherbarrow, Avery Anderson, Judith Conway, Dan Fenton, Steve Immerman, Peter McGrain, Kathleen Sheard and more.

GlassFacts.Info Full Disclosure: The book also includes photos of art by Paul Tarlow, the intrepid (or maybe that's insipid) publisher, editor and copywriter for GlassFacts.Info. I admit it - there is a fine line between "disclosure" and shameless self-promotion. I mean really, just look at that link below to my own website. Really - look at it.

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