Fact No. 141. (Published on 6/2/2005)

Kiln-Glass Weaving

The technique where glass has been woven, with strips interlaced like a basket, can be the basis for beautiful work. For many, it also begs the question how did they do that?

Weaving glassThe basic technique is a simple series of four steps. First, strips of glass are slumped so that each forms a series of hills and valleys. Second, they are then arranged side-by-side so that each hill is next to a valley and straight strips of glass are passed through the alternating hills and valleys (see picture). Third, the "woven" strips are then fused together. Finally the "flat basket" is shaped -- often by slumping into or over a form.

With practice and skill, the artist can tighten the weave, develop alternative weaving patterns, and more.

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