Fact No. 62. (Published on 3/12/2005)

Wheaton Village

Adapted from the Wheaton Village Website:

Wheaton VillageEarly in the 1960s Frank H. Wheaton, Jr., visited the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York. He discovered that much of the glass created and produced in southern New Jersey was displayed in this museum. He felt that these treasured museum pieces should be displayed in the areas in which they were produced...southern New Jersey.

Wheaton Village became his goal. Today, Wheaton Village consists of over 60 acres with 20 buildings. The Museum of American Glass houses over 6,500 objects, both historic and contemporary. The fully operational glass factory presents daily, interpretive demonstrations for the public with artists showing traditional and contemporary glassblowing techniques. In the Craft Studios artists demonstrate the traditional southern New Jersey crafts of pottery, wood and flameworking.

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