Fact No. 365. (Published on 4/17/2006)

500 Glass Objects

I have a lot of books on glass, including several than a few that cost me upwards of $75 or more each. Few of them, though, offer greater browsing pleasure than Lark Books new 500 Glass Objects that I received this weekend and which can be pre-ordered from Amazon.com for about $15.

Coming in at almost 400 pages, most of the art on exhibit here gets a full color page to itself. All forms of glass art – lampwork, stained, fused, cast, and blow &ndash are included. Many of the artists are familliar (especially for those of you who've been reading GlassFacts for a while). Part of the coolness of this book, though, is how many artists and incredible works of glass art were new to me.

The book was juried by Maureen Littleton, owner of Maurine Littleton Gallery and daughter of Harvey Littleton – the man many people credit with starting the studio glass movement. She has done an excellent job, as have the editors who draw some interesting contrasts through the adjacent placement of many of the objects.

500 Glass Objects is scheduled for publication in May, 2006.

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