Fact No. 221. (Published on 8/25/2005)

Hiroshi Yamano

From the William Traver Gallery website:

Yamano's technical mastery and innovations owe much to his study of traditional Japanese metalwork: Yamano rolls thickly blown hot glass over silver leaf to fuse it. He then etches the surface with images -- most often his trademark fish and mountains. He then plates the surface with copper. After, the artist embellishes the blown vessel with hot sculpted and cold-worked glass elements. The resulting pieces are complicated but richly subtle.

"The hanging pieces give me more freedom to deal with space. Still, my concept is the same: a fish, like a tuna or a mackerel, has to swim for its entire life, otherwise it dies. So, I think of the fish as myself. I have to keep doing, keep working, keep going, keep jumping into life."

-Hiroshi Yamano

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