Fact No. 356. (Published on 2/15/2006)

Rik Allen

"Rik Allen received a BA in anthropology and ceramics from Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire. He gleaned his glass education from years of assistantships in several artistsí studios beginning with design work and culminating with his current position on the William Morris Glassblowing Team. His work captures the spontaneous gesture that occurs naturally within the immediacy of the hot medium of glass. The organic form of the pieces, and scarred and eroded surfaces, enhanced by rich, opaque colors, strongly recall ancient totemic vessels. Allen has been exhibiting his own work in galleries primarily in the Northwest area for the past five years." - from Rik's biography on the R. Duane Reed Gallery website.

Make sure to check out Rik's latest – and very cool – "Vestiges of Galactic Craft" series on his own website and at several of the links below.

(Thanks to Kelly Searsmith for recommending today's topic.)

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