Fact No. 165. (Published on 6/26/2005)

Dafne Kaffeman

Dafne Kaffeman"I was born in Jerusalem, and started my art education in this historical place. When I realized glass was the main material I wished to work with I traveled to Amsterdam to study there. During my stay in Europe I tried to develop a unique language to express my ideas in glass.

"It is very important for me to try and ‘touch’ the material. To make it more accessible for me and for the viewer. Glass for me is a way to express thoughts, desires, wishes, and to tell stories. In my work I try to stretch the natural abilities of the material to its limits. In many of my pieces I combine glass with other materials in order to change its natural characteristics. I find that by doing so, I can communicate on a different level with the audience, which stimulate their imagination.

"Today I work from my studio in Tel-Aviv and lecture at the glass department of the Bezalel Art academy in Jerusalem."

- from Kaffeman's artist statement

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