Fact No. 281. (Published on 10/24/2005)

Bay Area Glass Institute

"The mission of the Bay Area Glass Institute (BAGI) is to make the celebration of glass art accessible to all and provide continued artistic, BAGI logoeducational, and intellectual growth to our members and the community. As the only public access glass-working facility in the Santa Clara County, we educate the public about glass art by teaching a variety of glass-working classes, offering tours of our facility, bringing in internationally renowned guest artists to conduct demonstrations & lectures and creating large-scale, publicly accessible glass installations. BAGIís three signature events are the Great Glass Farmerís Market, the Great Glass Pumpkin Patch, and the Annual Great Glass Auction. Our goal is to continue expanding our education and program offerings to the artists and the general public."

- from the Bay Area Glass Institute website. BAGI is located at the Palo Alto Art Center in California.

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