Fact No. 56. (Published on 2/25/2005)

Richard Jolley

Richard JolleyAs an artist, Jolley is known for his symbolic and visual glass sculptures that engage the mind while captivating the eye with rich colors, sensuality, irony and unique textures. Throughout his career he has studied the medium of glass in a multiplicity of forms, making pieces ranging from blown vessels to complex structures. His innovative approach to art has resulted in new techniques and forms that are unlike anything that has been done in the field. In particular, his development of modeling hot glass, a process that has become his trademark has fueled his reputation, producing provocative pieces that are liquid and lush.

- from Richard Jolley's artist bio on the Knoxville Opera's website. In addition to his considerable contribution to the glass arts, Jolley has also served as Scenic Designer for the Knoxville Opera.

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