Fact No. 27. (Published on 1/27/2005)

The CMOG Glass Glossary

The Corning Museum of Glass (CMOG) has an excellent glossary of glass terms available online. Here's how they describes this great resource:

This short dictionary is intended to help students and collectors of glass to understand some of the unfamiliar words that they may encounter in books, catalogs, and museum labels. It contains definitions of words and phrases that describe glassmakers' materials, techniques, tools, and products.

So if you want to know the difference between Acid Etching, Acid Polishing and Acid Stamping -- or you're not quite sure what differentiates Zwischengoldglas from Hellenistic and Roman gold glass -- this is the place to go.

Even better, if you'd like a printed copy to keep under your pillow for those nights when you can't sleep because you've forgotten what percent of soda-lime glass is silica (usually 60-75%), it turns out this glossary is an online version of Corning's Glass: A Pocket Dictionary of Terms Commonly Used to Describe Glass and Glassmaking -- available from CMOG, Amazon (below) and other booksellers.

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