Fact No. 310. (Published on 11/23/2005)

GAS 36th and 37th Annual Conferences

This GlassFact is really for two events – the 2006 and 2007 annual conferences of the Glass Art Society (GAS).

The 2006 conference, Glass Gateways: Meet in the Middle will be held in St. Louis, Missouri and "encourages exploration of both the close-knit community of glass workers and the diversity of techniques, attitudes, and individuals that makes that community vibrant. Meeting in the middle represents not only compromise, but also companionship and community" according to the GAS website.

A year later, the 2007 conference, Transformational Matter, will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. GAS promises that "the question to be addressed at this conference is what lies in the vortex of transformation."

The GAS annual conference is held in June and consistently offers an outstanding array of lectures and demonstrations from top contributors to the glass arts. All forms of glass art – hot, warm and cold – are covered.

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