Fact No. 230. (Published on 9/3/2005)

"Making Glass Beads"

There are a handful of "must have" books for glass artists. Boyce Lundstrom's trilogy fall into that category for kiln-glass artists. And there is Henry Halem's Glass Notes for glass blowers.

For anyone interested in lampworking -- the art of making items in a torch -- there is probably no better book with which to start than Cindy Jenkins's Making Glass Beads.

Regardless of whether she is describing something as basic as lighting a torch or as advanced as creating core-formed vessels, Jenkins writing is exceptionally clear and concise. There is more useful information in the book's 112 pages than you'll find in almost any other glass instruction book of any length.

In addition to authoring Making Glass Beads, in 1993 Cindy's company invented the Hot Head Beadmaking Torch -- an inexpensive, single gas torch that made lampworking accessible to thousands of artists.

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