Fact No. 355. (Published on 2/13/2006)

Technical Video Rental

Wouldn't it be great to rent a copy of Essential Boro Beadmaking or Rudi Gritsch's Kiln Formed Glass the next time you swing by the local Blockbuster to rent the latest episode of Lost?

Even Netflix – who likes to boast that they stock over 55,000 video titles – doesn't carry niche instructional videos.

Well thank you Cynthia Oliver for Friday's post on Warmglass.com that provided the link to Technical Video Rental (TVR) – an online video rental company specializing on "how to" DVDs.

Founded in 2003 by Travis Corcoran, TVR currently offers a library of over 1,200 titles on everything from woodworking to parenting to arts and crafts and more. Most rent for about $10 for a week.

The glass category currently offers 64 titles. The majority are for flameworkers though stained glass, kiln-glass, and other glass artists will all find something of interest on TVR's virtual shelves.

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