Fact No. 124. (Published on 5/13/2005)

Steve Klein

Steve KleinSteve Klein currently maintains a studio in Southern California where he produces his distinctive kiln-formed and blown work. He began working with glass after a taking a sandcasting class at Pilchuck in 1996. Since that time Steve has returned to Pilchuck several times as a Teaching Assistant for Irene Frolic and Jane Bruce.

Recently Steve has begun to teach his unique approach to kiln working throughout the U.S. When talking about his work Steve explains "My influences are primarily painters; Diebenkorn, Mondrian, Rothko, Newman, Miro, Pollock, and the ceramist Jun Kaneko. My work seeks to explore and establish a relationship between shape, color and texture. Im very taken by glass as a material and the fusing and casting processes. I like the idea of having control of the piece during the construction, then losing control while the piece is in the kiln, than being able to regain control through cold working to bring together both forces into a resolved piece.

(From Steve's page on the Glass Art Association of Canada (GAAC) website.)

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