Fact No. 95. (Published on 4/14/2005)

Mel Munsen

Mel MunsenFrom the William Traver Gallery website:

"Munsen came to his current fusing and murrini techniques through a fascination with Venini's production of designs by Carlo Scarpa of the '30s, '40s and '50s and then later by his son Tobia. Munsen's own murrini work shows that he is virtually without peer in his sense of design and technical perfection. Munsen somehow manages to present incredible detail with a flowing sense of rhythm. The artist's color sense is lively and yet maintains a richness through many pockets of subtlety. To further engage the effect of the color, Munsen polishes his pieces down until they are unusually thin. This not only delivers a delicacy to the feel of the piece, but the process effects a translucency rarely--if ever--found in fused and slumped glass."

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